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Green Tick Application Supporting
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Optimized Lead Generation
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Boost Your Sales By Personalized Engagement

Revamp Your Sales Strategy with AI-Powered Whatsapp Chatbot and get your Personalized WhatsApp Marketing  Journeys, Retargeting and enhance customer experience with Seamless Precision on WhatsApp

Acquire New user by whatsapp bulk message sender

Use Whatsapp AI chatbot to build a connection with prospects through WhatsApp Advertising

Revive customer interactions with data-driven retargeting

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Immediate Lead Engagement Ensures More Chances Of Conversion.

Immediate lead engagement is essential for maximizing conversion rates. Leadbox is a automated software that offers a personalized and seamless solution to this challenge, providing 24/7 support and AI-powered whatsapp, instagram, facebook interactions that keep customers engaged and satisfied.

With the ability to handle multiple conversations at once, Leadbox is a WhatsApp chatbot marketing tool that can help in driving more conversions and delivering a cutting-edge customer experience.”

Conversational AI Chatbot for Customer Support
Conversational AI Chatbot for Customer Support

LeadBox delivers delightful experiences across channels, leveraging advanced conversational Artificial Intelligence powered by NLP and ML to automatically resolve customer issues using natural language. With LeadBox, businesses can elevate their customer experience, freeing up resources for other vital aspects of the business.

Conversational AI Chatbot for Customer Support

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Increase Revenue

Boost Your Sales by Personalized Engagement

Boost sales by not only attracting new customers but also retargeting existing customers to buy again through personalized and seamless sales journeys

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Conversational AI for Customer Support

Building delightful support experiences

LeadBox helps businesses deliver delightful experiences across channels. Our conversational AI platform uses advanced NLP and ML to automatically resolve customer issues with natural language.

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