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Build stronger customer connections with WhatsApp E-commerce API

Engage customers across sales, marketing and support journeys - with their consent, conversationally and in real-time


Scale and grow your business with WhatsApp Commerce

Reimagine the future of shopping with the power of WhatsApp – the next e-commerce revolution

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Improve client relationships with WhatsApp's e-commerce API.

Engage customers in real-time, conversationally, and with their permission throughout their sales, marketing, and support journeys.

Get real-time responses to your questions

Customers who are interested in learning more about a specific product can connect with the company. With the "message business" button, you can get quicker responses from the bot, a live agent, or both.

Make use of purchasing carts

Browse a product catalog, choose several items, and share them with the retailer to make an order through WhatsApp by clicking the "Add to cart" button.

Recreate the in-store shopping experience

By displaying your products to consumers, create an interactive mobile storefront.

Enable instantaneous, hassle-free purchases

Enables users to pay straight from WhatsApp without switching between different apps. Customers can pay immediately within WhatsApp using any of the payment methods offered or UPI-driven smart messaging with One-click bill pay.

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